The City of Angels

9 Dec

-by Dan

Well, Los Angeles had a pretty eventful day yesterday, wouldn’t you say? First off, the Angels spent the 3rd highest amount of money in a single free agency period in baseball history at $335.1M on just 3 players! Then, later in the day, the Lakers announced they had traded for All Star point guard Chris Paul, before it was rejected by the league offices.

 Albert Pujols, maybe the best all-around baseball player we have seen since the mid 1900’s, inked a 10 year $256M contract with the Angels. Later in the morning, news broke that they Angels had signed yet another high profile free agent, starting pitcher C.J. Wilson, this off-season’s best pitching free agent, agreeing on a contract of 5 years for $77.5M, bringing the total for the 2 players to $333.6M. Oh, and the remaining $2.5M is going to be paid to 38 year old relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins in a 1-year contract, in case you were wondering where the remaining money was being spent, now you know! The Angels have set themselves up to succeed in the AL West, with their main competition being the 2-time defending American League Champion Texas Rangers. Wilson, this season’s best pitching free agent, will step in and be the #2 or #3 starter in LA, depending how technical Mike Scioscia will want to get with his rotation. Here is the projected the Angels will be putting on the field in 2012:

  1. SS Erick Aybar
  2. DH Bobby Abreu
  3. 1B Albert Pujols
  4. RF Torii Hunter
  5. 2B Howie Kendrick
  6. 3B Alberto Callaspo
  7. LF Vernon Wells
  8. C Chris Iannetta
  9. CF Peter Bourjos

That is a pretty deep lineup if you ask me, the Angels will certainly be exciting in the years to come. There pitching rotation will look something like this:

  1. RH Jared Weaver
  2. RH Dan Haren
  3. LH CJ Wilson
  4. RH Ervin Santana
  5. RH Jerome Williams

Ervin Santana the #4 guy? Are you serious? With the Phillies having the obvious best starting rotation in baseball, this in my opinion, has got to be the next in line.

That is just what happened for the Angels in Los Angeles yesterday; next we’ve got the Lakers. Who were on the brink of making a blockbuster deal which would have made Chris Paul a Laker, while sending away both Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol, 2 vital pieces to their championship runs in recent years. A questionable move by the Lakers, but with new head coach Mike Brown replacing Phil Jackson and his triangle offense, losing this type of size would not really be an issue. Current Lakers point guard Derek Fisher, is an efficient point guard, but will not score the amount of point sometimes necessary to win games. Kobe Bryant has never been matched up with a flashy point guard, like Paul, as Fisher has been there for each of the 5 championships the Lakers have won. The 3-team trade between the Lakers, Hornets, and Rockets, was reported as a done deal around 7pm ET last night, before the NBA and league commissioner nixed the trade making it invalid, sending everybody back to where they came from. This is a sticky situation if you ask me, only because the Hornets, who just happen to be run by the NBA, would be losing their biggest star Chris Paul, to the Lakers, the most popular franchise in the NBA. The trade is currently on hold, and the teams which were involved in the trade are appealing the retraction of the trade in hopes to make it happen as all 3 teams believe the trade will benefit them in the long run. STAY TUNED


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