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The Jets?

18 Nov

Oh, the Jets. What can we possibly say. You have the best defense in the league. Your offensive line almost reminds me of watching Vick get annihilated on every play (but honestly it’s definitely not that bad). Mangold will always be a stud. I can’t say the same about the rest.

There aren’t words for Sanchez. Yes his stats are better than last year, but his performance is not.

Everyone is talking about the Jets being out of the playoff race. No they are not. Houston and New England are locks. I don’t care if Matt Leinart is throwing the ball with his right hand, that team has two amazing running backs and a fantastic defense. Also they still get to play the Panthers, Jags and Colts which will get them to 10+ wins.

The Ravens have the tie breaker on the Jets, but they have similar problems (but are in better shape due to having a running back that can average over 4 yards a carry) and the Steelers are the Steelers. That leaves 1 spot for the Jets/Bills/Cincinnati/Titans and then one of those AFC West teams. It is still definitely plausible and the Jets have found a way to sneak into the playoffs the last 2 years and then run (literally) their way into the AFC Championship game.

They have the tools, a fantastic defense, a sometimes competent QB (cmon Mark don’t make me look like an idiot) and a great receiving core (when they don’t fall down). And they finally used McKnight, which only took 2 injuries at RB for that to happen, which is pathetic given McKnight has been our best Offensive player this year with a plethora of long kickoff returns (and of course a plethora of lost fumbles). If he can just hold onto the ball, he will be a weapon and should get 10-15 touches per game.

I’ll be back with more about the NFL outside the Jets.